Who We Are

The North Carolina Healthcare Association represents North Carolina’s individual and multi-hospital health systems and we advocate for expanding care and coverage across the state. Through stories, conversations and connections between hospitals and health systems and the residents of our state, we’re committed to making healthcare better and ensuring every North Carolinian can achieve their full potential. Join us in partnering together to keep North Carolina in good health.

Topics We Cover

Find out what hospitals are doing to tackle healthcare’s biggest challenges and bring better care to more North Carolinians.

Upcoming Events

Join providers, healthcare leaders, and community representatives from around the state at an upcoming event.

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It takes all of us to expand care and coverage for our communities. Learn how you can help us support hospitals and health systems.

Our Mission

Every North Carolinian deserves great health and high-quality healthcare, and our state’s 130 health systems are dedicated to providing it.

From finding medical breakthroughs to eliminating inequities, to improving public health and bringing technology to our rural communities, caring for North Carolina is our purpose, and nothing will stop us.

NCHA Healthcare Heroes

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