Health Equity

Every North Carolinian deserves great health, but not every North Carolinian has access to the tools they need to achieve it. North Carolina hospitals and health systems are committed to eliminating health disparities so that everyone has access to high quality care.

Rural Health

What does it take to build healthier rural communities? In North Carolina’s 80 rural counties, health systems and hospitals help residents to get the care they need close to home, including through innovative partnerships.

Voices from the Field

Voices from the Field is a guest column that elevates the voices of people who work in North Carolina’s hospitals and health systems. These columns highlight executives, doctors, nurses, and other people that have dedicated their lives to working in healthcare.

Community Benefit

Hospitals provide more than just healthcare services. Community members work in and outside the four walls of North Carolina’s hospitals and health systems to establish, partner with, and support programs addressing food insecurity, transportation access, and other critical issues affecting our health. 


From cancer breakthroughs to virtual visits and so much more, hospitals are working tirelessly to improve access to high quality care. Transformative innovation is making healthcare work better for every North Carolinian, no matter who they are or where they live.

Navigating Healthcare

When it comes to healthcare, access is as important as quality. Hospitals and health systems are committed to making it easy for patients to make appointments, connect with their physicians, and ensure their care is covered.

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our community to care for yours.

Even as the healthcare landscape changes, North Carolina’s hospitals and health systems remain focused on protecting access to quality care for all North Carolinians.