Support House Bill 149 for Expanded Telemedicine

Require health plans to cover telemedicine and virtual care

Providers around the state are advocating for a bill in the NC General Assembly (HB 149) that would require insurance plans cover care provided to patients through virtual visits.

The COVID-19 crisis resulted in a big expansion of telemedicine services in North Carolina. More patients are receiving high quality, convenient care through their smartphones and computers.

This innovation is expected to last post-pandemic, with clear benefits to patients and providers alike. But telehealth coverage and payment among insurers is inconsistent in North Carolina, which can lead to higher costs and limited access for patients.

As long as health plans are not paying appropriate or consistent reimbursement rates of telehealth, healthcare professionals will not expand these services, and critical healthcare needs will not be met in the most under-served populations of our state.

You can help by sharing your support for House Bill 149 with your North Carolina state representatives.

Not sure what to say? Use the message below. Thank you for helping expand access to telemedicine services for patients across our state!

Hello, my name is [name]. I am resident of [city] and a constituent of [legislator]. I am calling to share my support for House Bill 149 in the North Carolina General Assembly, which requires health plan benefit coverage for telemedicine care.

Telemedicine is an important solution to access issues in North Carolina and inconsistency in coverage and payment hurts providers’ ability to provide this needed service. [Share any personal experiences you or a loved one has had receiving care through telemedicine.] I encourage [legislator] to support House Bill 149. Thank you.