North Carolina needs the Healthcare Access and Stabilization Program, and now is the time.

HASP can save our hospitals without costing North Carolina a cent. This is urgent.

HASP is a federally funded program through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid aimed at providing hospitals enhanced Medicaid reimbursement to bring those rates closer to what commercial health insurers are paying and the cost of actually providing care. It’s specifically designed to help critical, safety-net hospitals so that they stay afloat to treat those patients most in need of care. The program would also provide rural hospitals about 90 percent of their unreimbursed cost.

North Carolina hospitals have stepped-up over the past two-and-a-half years and cared for North Carolinians during an unrelenting and grievous pandemic. Hospitals across the state responded to COVID-19 and were on the front lines of rapidly changing healthcare, labor, and operational pressures. Hospitals are now struggling from the financial challenges seen during the pandemic, which have led to increased costs. 

HASP would help cut the $2.3 billion Medicaid reimbursement gap to $541 million, erasing more than $1.5 billion in financial strain on North Carolina health systems and hospitals. Most importantly, crucial safety net health care services and health care access would be protected by implementing HASP.

It’s time for our North Carolina Assembly and Senate to act now. And your influence could help. Let your elected officials know how much keeping access to your local hospital matters to you and your family.